New for 2018, the Speeder TR (“Tour Rated”) is designed based on the request of Tour professionals for a specific feel and maximum performance. We created an entirely new EI profile by stiffening the mid section of the shaft and providing the proper bending on Butt and Tip side. The result is a very stable, mid-low launch and low spin shaft that produces exceptional ball speed. New multi-plied hoop layers and 90-ton carbon fiber provide better stability and club head speed.


*Please allow one week for processing/shipping

Fujikura Speeder TR

Tip Trim

    • Multi-hoop plied structure – Specially designed laminate hoop layers on outside and inside, it strengthens the structure, preventing ovalization and better overall stability.
    • 90ton carbon sheet – The world’s stiffest carbon fiber
    • Mid-Low launch and lower spin rate.
    • NEW Satin Black paint finish
    • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content

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