Exceptional Feel and Control


Extremely precise triple net forging for exceptional feel and high performance. The Tour configured soles are designed for excellent turf interaction from a variety of lies.


Precision Grooves and CG Progression


The 20V grooves are built in to promote a high level of control and excellent spin out of any playing conditions. They also reduce fliers from the rough, and the CG locations are optimized for even more control.


Classic Shaping


Clean and classic, with a smooth, appealing look at address, inspired by some of our most popular forged irons.


*Please allow one week for processing/shipping

Callaway X Forged Iron Set

Set Makeup
  • Project X Steel

    A proven winner on the PGA Tour, the patented RIFLE design features a discrete constant taper for each shaft in the set. Longer taper rates result in more energy transfer to the ball, getting the ball up faster and flattening out quicker for a penetrating trajectory and ball flight 5.0 (115 Grams,Low Torque,High Bend Point),5.5 (115,Low,High),6.0 (120,Low,High),6.5 (125,Low,High),7.0 (130,Low,High)

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